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Khusro Advised To His Crown Son Sherwia

اس حکایت میں عوام کی فلاح و بہبود،اُن سے مشورہ کرنے کی اہمیت،ظلم کا کاتمہ،بد نامی سے بچنے کی تدابیر بیان کی گئی ہیں۔

The King Of Iran Khusro Advised To His Crown Son Sherwia:

I Saady have listened that khusro the king of Iran at the time death called his crown son Sherwia and advised him that if you act upon on my advises,you will remain the king till your death and people will not go against you.The first thing is that you always remain kind towards people and always consult with your ministers on important issues because if anybody does wrong with others,actually he does wrong with him because due to his bad deeds people become against him and soon he loses his respect and honor with people.When everybody will die one day, so we should act good and do not choose the wrong ways for bad deeds.

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