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Cruel Kingظالم بادشاہ

نا انصافی اور ظُلم سے دوستی دُشمنی میں تبدیل ہو جاتی ہے۔اللہ تعالیٰ اگر موقع اور توفیق دے تو دُوسروں کو راحت اور سکون پہنچائے۔حضرت علی المرتضیٰ کرم اللہ وجہ فرماتے ہیں کہ کُفر سے تو حکومت چل سکتی ہے مگر ظُلم سے نہیں۔

A King Who Teased His Peoples:

Once there was a king who used to tease his people therefore people began to leave his country due to his cruelties. When the population went down,the income of country also went down due to lack of collection of taxes. Enemy also began to think to attack on his country for all these reasons.One of his minister said to king that you should not tease the people without any reason if you want to rule over your country otherwise enemy will attack on you and you will lose your country and rule.Because if anybody wants his friend should be with him in difficult time,he should remain helpful with everybody in good days.The minister also said to him that the support of people with the king make the king rule strong and without the support of people the rule of king get weak. So you should be friendly with your people if you want to rule over them.But the king annoyed of his advises and sent him to prison. Only few days were passed,the king cousins rebelled against him and gathered a strong army against him,attacked on his fort and got full control over his kingdom.

Who desires succour in the day of calamity.Say to him be generous in times of prosperity.The slave with a ring in his ear,if not cherished will depart.Be kind because than a stranger will become thy slave.It is best to cherish the army as thy life,because a king reigns by means of his troops.A tyrannic man can not be a king as a wolf can not be a shepherded.A king who establishes oppression,destroys the basis of the wall of his own reign.A king who allows his subjects to be oppressed, will in his day of calamity become a violent foe.Be at peace with subjects and sit safe from attacks of foes because his subjects are the army of a just king.


People are always behind a strong government and without the support of people a strong government becomes weak. So rulers should always remain keeping in touch with people and their wishes.

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