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Jealousy Is A Curseحسد ایک لعنت ہے۔

حسد کرنے والا بہت بےو قوف ہوتا ہے کہ خُدا کے حضور یہ دُعا تو مانگتا ہے کہ یا اللہ فلاں سے فلاں نعمت لےلے،بھلا یہ دُعا بھی مانگ لیا کرے یا اللہ جیسے تُو نے اُس کو نعمت عطا کی ہے مُجھے بھی کر دے۔حدیث میں ہے حسد نیکیوں کو ایسے کھا جاتا ہے جیسے اگ لکڑیوں کو کھا جاتی ہے۔

The curse of jealousy:

I have seen a son of soldier who was very intelligent therefore soon he became a special courtier of his king and the king gave him a ministry. All the remaining ministers became jealous from him and started his enmity. The always pointed his all deeds in bad way before the king and showed him that he is not eligible on this ministry post. One day the king asked from that soldier son that why all the remaining ministers are against you.He replied to the king that not all the ministers against me only the jealous ones are against me. So what can i do with jealous persons,i have no remedy for them because a jealous person always pray to God for the deterioration of his competitor status in spite of praying to God for his improvement.The king became very happy to listen his answer and ordered the courtiers that they should learn something from him in spite of being jealous from him.

I may so act as not to hurt the feelings of anyone but what can I do to envious man dissatisfied with himself. Die o envious man,for this is a malady. Deliverance from which can be obtained only by death.Unfortunate men sometimes ardently desire,the decline of prosperous men in wealth and dignity.If in day time bat-eyed persons do not see.Is it the fault of the fountain of light,the Sun?Thou justly wishes that a thousands such eyes should be blind rather than the sun dark.


Jealousy is always a curse so we should try to improve ourselves despite of becoming jealous from others.

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