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Knowledge Is Better Than Beautyظاہری حسن سے علم بہتر ہے۔

انسان کو اپنے ظاہری حسن پرنازاں نہیں ہونا چاہیئے کہ یہ عارضی اور غیر اختیاری چیز ہے اور کسی کو بھی حقارت کی نگاہ سے دیکھنا نہیں چاہیئے بلکہ اللہ کا شکر ادا کرنا چاہیئے کی اس نے اس کو ایسا بنا دیا۔

Knowledge Is Superior Than Beauty:

Once there was a king who has four sons and three of them are beautiful and tall but one of them was not beautiful and his height is also small,therefore the king did not like him. One day in king’s court all the four sons were present and the king’s is giving more importance to his beautiful three sons,the fourth ugly son took notice of this situation and he said to his father that every time beauty and tallness is not precious like an elephant is tall and beautiful but a got is more precious than a elephant and Toor mountain is smaller in comparison with other mountains but in the eyes of God it is more precious than other mountains because God talked with Mossa(AS) on Toor mountain.Have you not listened that once a tidy intelligent man said to a foolish smart boy that a horse is more precious than donkey even its health is weak. Therefore its an old saying that when a person speaks his virtues and shortcomings become open. After this incident enemy attacked on the kingdom all the smart three brothers could combat with enemy rightly but the fourth ugly one fought very bravely with the enemy and won the battle. King became please on him and nominated him his kingdom new king after his death.The remaining three sons got angry on this proclamation and tried to give poison to his brother but one of his sister saved his life.When the king came to know this incident he punished the three sons and also distributed his kingdom to avoid from any upcoming upheaval.


We have got a lesson from this story that we should not be proud full on our beauty and should try to improve our knowledge because knowledge is always precious than beauty.


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