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Story Of Thievesچوروں کی کہانی

جس کی طبیعت میں بُرائی رچ بس جائے،اُس پر تربیت بھی اثر نہیں کرتی لہذا ہر وقت اُس کے شر سے محتاط رہنا چاہیئے۔حدیث میں ہے کہ مومن ایک سوراخ سے دو بار نہیں ڈسا جاتا۔

Thieves Story In Words Of Sheikh Saady:

A group of thieves have occupied a mountain hill. The king army also failed to get full control over the thieves. The intelligent peoples of country advised to king that if we let these thieves in this way,they will be more strong day after day and will be out of control. A newly born tree can be put off easily but when it becomes strong nobody can put off it.After all a decision was made that a group of soldier was appointed to gain full knowledge of docaits. When docaits came back from their docaity,they slept away and those soldier came out and tied their hands.All these docaits were presented before the king and the king decided to kill all of them. One minister took pity on one of thief because his age is very little and he was child.The minister said to king that we should forgive this child thief because he is child.The king became angry for this request but due to his honor he accepted his request and handed over that thief child to this minister.The minister looked him up in very good atmosphere and he became young with  his other sons.When he grown young,he killed the minister ,his wife,his real sons and went to the same mountain hill with some naught men and became the same ring leader like his father.The king said to all his courtiers that I already said to you that a son of snake is also a snake so we should not take pity on snake and his sons.

At last a wolf whelp will be a wolf,although he may grow up with a man.How can a man fabricate a good sword of bad iron? O sage who is nobody becomes not somebody by education.The rain,in the beneficence of whose nature there is no flaw,will cause tulips to grow in a garden and weeds in a bad soil.Saline earth will not produce hyacinths.Throw not away your seeds or work thereon.To do good to wicked persons is like doing evil with good men.


We have got a lesson from this story that a bad nature man always remain bad because nobody can change the nature of a person.

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