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WORLD IS A PLACE OF LESSONدنیا عبرت کا مقام ہے

اس فانی دنیا سے ہر ایک نے اخر کار جانا ہے اور دنیا کا مال،حکومت یہں دھرے کا دھرا رہ جائے گا۔انسان کو جتنی مہلت دی گئی ہے اس میں زیادہ سے زیادہ نیک اعمال کرنے چاہیں کیونکی نیک اعمال کے سبب سے اس کا نام زندہ رہے گا اور لوگ اس کے نیک اعمال کی وجہ سے اس کو اچھے لفظوں میں یاد کریں گے،اس طرح اس کے لئے اس کی نیکیاں صدقہ جاریہ ثابت ہوں گی اور مخلوق خدا اسکے لئے دعا خیر کرتی رہے گی۔

This World Is Not For Living Forever But Its A Place Of Lesson

This is a moral story which shows how this world is a place of lesson for everybody and its not a place of living forever so we all should get a lesson of this moral story and try to change our life according to the given moral and leave a good memories of your life for others.

One king of Kharasan saw Mahmood Sabektane in his dream that all his body is dead except his eyes because in dream his eyes were still alive. All the dream interpreters failed to interpret this dream except one intelligent guy.He said to king the meaning of this dream is that your ancestor king eyes are still watching that a lot of his country region has been gone into the hands of enemy and you are all careless about it.This interpretation awoke the current ruler consciousness and he determined to take back his father territory from enemy.

Many famous men have been buried under ground,of whose existence on earth not a trace has remained and that old corpse which had been surrendered to the earth was so consumed by the soil that not a bone remains.The glorious name of Nosherwan survives in good repute, although much time elapsed since he passed away.Do good o man and consider life as a good fortune.The more so,when a shout is raised, a man exists no more.


We should not pass our life in entertainment and always be care full about our ancestral property. A lot of beautiful and wealthy persons have gone down under the earth and no one even know their names therefor we should know the value of this life and try to pass it in full awareness and should do some good deeds which remain your name alive for next generation.

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